HERESY - Pub King

HERESY - Pub King

Heresy is the menswear project of Dominic Owen and Jasper Dunk; friends for over a decade and collaborators for almost as long. During illustration degrees they discovered a shared enthusiasm for screen-printing and began working together on an array of projects, events, and exhibitions. Heresy was created as a platform to continue their creative partnership.

The shift from screen-printing to menswear was a natural transition; marrying the printing process with a tangible, practical output that allows their work to communicate with a wider audience, as well as allowing the pair to explore new creative disciplines rooted in the world of fashion.

Owen and Dunk's illustration practice lies at the core of Heresy, but also exists independently
- both artists regularly exhibit in exhibitions across the world. Past commercial clients have included Google, Nike and the Church of London, and their work has been exhibited in Somerset House, The Victoria and Albert Museum, and Kemistry Gallery.

Here, they give us a rundown of their favourite local watering holes.

When we're not working we usually find ourselves in the pub. South of the river is great for places to drink, so we're going to give a rundown of our favourite spots to do some 'advanced relaxing'. For your convenience we've done it in the style of a pub crawl, so the route can be achieved in order with closing times factored in.

The Mayflower
This pub in Rotherhithe is one of our favourite in London, it’s got an amazing history and is right on the waterfront. Atheists used to meet here to talk about God not being real back when all that was punishable by death. It was also a licensed post office where sailors could nail a pint and send a letter to their missus back home without leaving their barstool. The beers are good, they used to do their own called 'Scurvy Ale', but at the moment we're into getting a Norfolk Shandy when we're here. They do a pretty serious cheeseboard too.

The Peckham Pelican
The Pelican is dangerously local to us, underneath the Pelican estate building and next to the mysterious old Sausage Factory, it's run by three super nice guys. There are always lots of different events going on here, performances, music and small press fairs. They have these massive lino prints on the back wall that are great and we never get bored of looking at them. The best bit about the Pelican is they serve big 40oz beers, they'll ask how many glasses you need but just pretend you didn't hear them and drink it out of the bottle (then pour a bit on the floor and make a rap joke).

Ali Baba Bar
This place is ace, Chris who runs it is always a good host, he works crazy hard and is slowly taking over Peckham with juice, booze and coffee. He's been really supportive of HERESY and his wardrobe must be half full of our stuff. We put on music nights here which are always good fun, the bar's outside but people still come and dance even if its raining. We're beer people but Chris makes such good stuff to drink that we get swayed off it for Korean gins.

Lerryn is one of our good friends, she started the cafe a few years ago and we're super proud of her. In the evening she serves booze, the guys behind the bar are fun and everyone who hangs out there are friends so its feels nice and relaxed. You can get a bottle of beer, a shot, and a bowl of hot peanuts for a fiver here, contender for the best combo in Peckham. It shuts at eleven so, unless you help Lerryn cash up in exchange for one last drink, that's time to move to the next one, which is conveniently across the road.

The Nags Head
This one is just a solid pub. Kim behind the bar is great, she gets a bit flustered when it gets really packed with arty types but she used to hang out with 'proper' Hells Angels so it's nothing she can't handle. Guinness is what you drink here. It's pretty cheap and if you ask nicely you can play darts, there's a good jukebox too but you might have to makes some negotiations with the volume. It's open till 2am, so if you're sensible at closing time you can call it a night.

No.67 at South London Gallery
If you start the day a bit worse for wear already then they do a really good Bloody Mary, or if for some reason you're interested in food then they do that well too.